Eunice Mancebo, Deutsch Simone Feigelson, Orlando Celso Longo, Luciano dos Santos Pereira


Before the formation of new concepts and awareness, both popular as institutional, sustainability is solidifying and consolidating itself on numerous fronts. The tourism and hospitality have made efforts to harmonize tendencies in a way to promote and consolidate this trend as a solution. The aim of this paper was to propose and establish a reflection on what would be the best certification to be used in Brazilian green buildings having as reference, five types of certificates used internationally in green projects that underline the sustainability dimension. It is necessary that construction companies along with the hotel chains have a model to assess the impact of a green building in tourism, accommodation and its impact on stakeholders. We understand that there isn’t  an ideal certification for green hotel buildings, so the relevance of this article to propose a reflection about the methodology of a green certificate that meets the requirements of a tropical country such as Brazil.

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