Digital Cities in the making: exploring perceptions of space, agency of actors and heterotopia

Asne Kvale Handlykken


This paper is an attempt to explore how we imagine, sense and experience spaces in digital cities by a study of the hybrid relations between digital media, users' bodies, architecture and the city. Digital and physical spaces of the city are intertwined, the city and urban places and things become sentient, embedded with sensors and digital infrastructure, challenging traditional notions of space, and how we perceive and experience urban space.  Crucial issues to explore are how interactions and agency operating amongst actors in these spaces; between sentient non-human actors, places and people?  How are spaces of interaction embedded in the city, what characterizes these spaces, can they be explored as heterotopias (Foucault)? These processes are a mutual shaping of society and technology, where the role of the imaginary, of mental representations and creation are being transformed.


Digital Cities; Architecture; Computing; Heterotopia; Interaction; Space

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