Sangre de Santos, ¿Semilla de cristianos? Espíritu misionero y martirio en la temprana edad moderna

Tomas Antonio Mantecon


In the 16th and 17th centuries Roman Church stimulated overseas Christian missions. This gave the real universal or Catholic dimension to Roman Christendom. This historical context made easy the missionary spirit outburst that went in favour of the developing of European missionary projects. These were adapted to reception overseas native societies and their adaptations gave diversity and dynamism to the missinary global projects. This article deals with the analysis of these matters. Also with that on the conflict produced due to these projects developing. Then, with the study of native Catholic converses compromise with the apostolic enterprises and, lastly, with the mission risks. The missioners who dealt with all those risks actually wanted to face them to embrace the Christ cross, be santified by martyrdom and, because of that, be the seed for new Christians in overseas worlds.


Baja Edad Media; Europa; España

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