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We live in a world that although saves energy by developing software however still consume an increasing amount of energy annually. Major energy crises world have caused the repeated political crises, economic, industrial, social, religious, and even military. While fossil energy issue is threatened with exhaustion and the nuclear fission is totally unfriendly, we are at the time when humanity must find new energies, alternative, renewable, sustainable, cost-effective, non-hazardous. Besides solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, present work comes to propose and other new alternative energy type nano. In turn it proposes the nuclear fusion energy, energy produced from matter and antimatter, and energy produced using high power lasers. After 1950, began to appear nuclear fission plants. The fission energy was a necessary evil. In this mode it stretched the oil life, avoiding an energy crisis. Even so, the energy obtained from oil represents about 66% of all energy used. At this rate of use of oil, it will be consumed in about 40 years. Today, the production of energy obtained by nuclear fusion is not yet perfect prepared. But time passes quickly. We must rush to implement of the additional sources of energy already known, but and find new energy sources. In these circumstances this paper comes to proposing possible new energy sources. The movement of an electron around the atomic nucleus has today a great importance in many engineering fields. Electronics, aeronautics, micro and nanotechnology, electrical engineering, optics, lasers, nuclear power, computing, equipment and automation, telecommunications, genetic engineering, bioengineering, special processing, modern welding, robotics, energy and electromagnetic wave field is today only a few of the many applications of electronic engineering. This paper presents shortly in the last chap. a new and original relation which calculates the radius with that the electron is running around the atomic nucleus. For a Bohr energetically level (n=a constant value), one determines now two energetically below levels, which form an electronic layer. The author realizes by this a new atomic model, or a new quantum theory, which explains the existence of electron-clouds without spin, and promises, that application, construction of some high-energy laser.


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Biografia do Autor

Florian Ion Petrescu, Bucharest Polytechnic University

Nihil sine Deo

Ph.D. Eng. Florian Ion PETRESCU
Senior Lecturer at UPB (Bucharest Polytechnic University).

Citizenship: Romanian;
Date of birth: March.28.1958;
Higher education: Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Transport, Road Vehicles Department, graduated in 1982, with overall average 9.63;

Doctoral Thesis: „Theoretical and Applied Contributions About the Dynamic of Planar Mechanisms with Superior Joints”.

Expert in Industrial Design, Engineering Mechanical Design, Engines Design, Mechanical Transmissions, Dynamics, Vibrations, Mechanisms Machines Robots and Mechatronics.


Languages known:
-French; -English.

Related activities and functions:

Instructor and Social Commission Head of CUB (Bucharest’s University Center) 1985-1987, the Third Head of CUB after [Moncea] and Bostan, 1985-1987.