Environmental analyze of cement production with application of wastes

Maria Luiza Grillo Renó, Larissa Ferrini Ferrari Alves, José Carlos Escobar Palacio, Lidiane La Picirelli de Souza, Felipe Orlando Centeno González, Pedro Jessid Pacheco Torres


The cement production is benefiting worldwide by use of waste fuel since 30 – 40% of total costs are attributed to energy cost. The application of mineralizer has also economic advantages due to reduction of clinkering temperatures. In this context the present work proposes analyzing different option of waste fuels through case studies (tires, plastics, woodchips, switchgrass) and the use of mineralizer in clinker production. The results showed that the waste fuel plastic emitted 8% less CO2 than woodchips, and all case studies emitted SO2 below of limit established by Directive PE-CONS 31/10. The mineralizer applied reduced the specific heat consumption in 12% and the CO2 emissions were decreased in 4%. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22409/engevista.v19i4.913


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