The behaviour of high strength lightweight concretes with the addition of steel fibers

Fernando Júnior Resende Mascarenhas


The use of high strength lightweight concretes with the addition steel fibers has become more popular in recent days due to their mechanical proprieties. It was possible to observe that structural lightweight concrete has benefits when compared to normalweight concretes due to higher strengthens-weight ratio and improves tensile strain capability. Moreover, even thought it was demonstrated that the shear behavior of LWC are reduced when compared with NWC, more studies about shear behavior in LWC beams need to be done. Moreover, the addition of 0.75% of steel fibers by volume, 15% of Fly-ash and 5% of silica fume has demonstrated to be an ideal amount to obtain high-strength concretes with great mechanical properties. Hence, this paper presents a literature review about the behaviour of high strength lightweight concretes with the addition of steel fibers pointing out its mainly mechanical properties. 

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