Sociología y comunicología del deporte

El caso de los grupos violentos de aficionados al fútbol


  • Jesús Galindo Cáceres


The first part presents a sketch of Sociology of Sport from the theses of the sociologist Norbert Elias and Eric Dunning. The central thesis is that of sport as a constructive part of the civilizing process, as an exercise of self-control of arousal and stress with aggression and violence. In the second part presents a point of dialogue between the Sociology of Sport synthesized in the first half, and a possible Communicology of Sport. The proposal focuses on the relationship between the concept of the civilizing process and transit of an Information Society to a Communication Society. Figure communicological sports focuses on thermodynamic hypothesis of communication, compatible with the concept of tension in the england Sociology of Sport. In the third part deals with the example of the violent groups of football fans. It continues with the possible dialogue between the england Sociology of Sport and the possible Communicology of Sports. The analysis focuses on the self-stress and lower-class youth. We propose a research program points from the dialogue proposed interdisciplinary focus. It concludes with a bibliographical note.
Keywords: Sociology of Sport; Communicology of Sport; Thermodynamics of communication; violent groups of football fans; stress; self-civilizing process; Information Society; Communication Society


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