Educação Física e cultura

práticas escolares


  • Rildevania Monteiro


The aim of this paper is to discuss the importance of consider the cultural aspects of a particular group to development the contents that will be worked in the classrooms of Physical Education. We understand that to give a meaning to the content worked in classroom, the teacher needs to provide to the students the ability to identify and give another meaning to the activities that are presented to them and, therefore, is essential to understand the cultural aspects of the group in which the activities are developed. To support this discussion, especially in questions relating to the concept of culture and how it can contribute to the work developed in school, we used as a theoretical basis the ideas of the American anthropologist Clifford Geertz. Added to them we brought notes of some Physical Education authors that discusses in a higher intensity that question. In the end, we point out some problems faced by Physical Education and we indicated some possibilities of how can we start a new point of view about this practice in school.
Keywords: Physical Education; School Physical Education; Culture; Body Culture



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