Incentive programs to promote startups: a Brazilian case

Francisco Waldney Moreira, Isabela Miranda Martins, Bruno Alencar Pereira, Josivania Silva Farias


This study aimed to verify the practical implications of innovation incentive programs in the development of a carpooling startup from Brazilian Federal District. It is a case study in which the startup was supported by programs to encourage innovation. Interviews were conducted with the managers of the startup, with the purpose of evaluating the confluence and applicability of the programs to the needs of the business, evidencing the impact of that programs in its development. Empirical evidence was treated through content analysis with a priori categorization, with the managers’ perspectives being compared with the factors of incentive to startups – investment, mentoring and support for market insertion. The results demonstrated that financial assistance, managerial training and institutional networking contributed to the startup development. The study provides an analysis of startups development factors and contributes to the improvement of innovation incentive programs.

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ISSN 1982-2596

Avaliação Qualis 2015 - B2 - Na área de Administração, Ciências Contábeis e Turismo.