Luxação congênita de cotovelo grau I tratada por ostectomia da cabeça do rádio em um Bulldog Inglês


  • Larissa Eckmann Mingrone Garcia Animal Care Barueri Clínica Veterinária
  • Rosane de Melo Animal Care Barueri Clínica Veterinária
  • Marcelo Jorge Cavalcanti de Sá


The aim of this study is to report a long term follow up of a congenital luxation of the radial head (CLRH) case of a young Bulldog treated by radio head ostectomy (RHO). CLRH is an uncommon condition in dogs, but it is the most commom form of elbow dislocation (grade I). An English Bulldog, male, 6 months, 14 kilograms, was suspected of elbow dislocation. Physical examination revealed a lateral proeminence on the lateral surface of the right elbow, as well as grade I lameness and mild pain. Range of motion was normal. Previous radiographs and tomography confirmed CLHR. RHO was chosen instead of corrective techniques, due to the age of the animal at the time of the procedure and the difficulty in repositioning the radial head in the joint. Three and a half years after surgery, new clinical and radiographic examaminations were performed. The patient had no pain, good limb support and good range of motion, allowing good elbow movement. There was a partial regrowth of the proximal segment of the radial head causing better readjustment of it in the joint. Mild signs of joint degeneration were present. RHO proved to be effective in this case, proving to be a good technique to be used in cases of CLRH when conservative treatment or reduction techniques can no longer be used.


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