Enzyme-linnked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detection of IGY Anti-Borrelia anserina ANTibodies in Gallus gallus domesticus



This study aimed to promote the standardization of an indirect, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the serological detection of B. anserina in Gallus gallus domesticus. An aliquoted sera from vaccinated chicken with B. anserina antigen (GI), experimental infected chickens with B. anserina (GII) and rustic poultry rearing of G. gallus (GIII) were tested with in-house ELISA developed to detect serum antibodies against B. anserina in G. gallus domesticus. On average, the experimentally infected chickens became positive at 9 DPI a mean ± standard deviation (SD) ODI value of 163.11 ± 70.65. The highest observed Optical Density Index (ODI) was 372.54 ± 132.39, at 26 DPI, and the highest overall ODI value was 626.51. The vaccinated chickens became positive between 8 and 10 DPV, with an ODI of 245.59 at 10 DPV, with an overall maximum ODI of 543.13. A total of 108 blood samples were collected from poultry raised on rustic farms. Of the total samples collected, 58.33% (63/108) were considered positive for B. anserina. The maximum ODI found among these rustic chickens was 283.24. This stardardization provided a sensitivity and specificity of 100%.


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