Comparative study of biotin supplementation on weight gain and occurrence of digital diseases in cattle (Bos taurus x Bos indicus)


  • Luiz Antônio Franco da Silva
  • Emmanoel Arnhold
  • Rogério Elias Rabelo
  • Sabrina Lucas Ribeiro de Freitas
  • Brenda Lee Silva Buso
  • Danilo Ferreira Rodrigues
  • Bruno Moraes Assis


Body weight, hoof, ruminants, vitamins


This study aimed to assess the weight gain and the incidence of foot diseases in male, crossbred (Bos taurus x Bos indicus)
bovines that were supplemented with biotin. An amount of 240 animals, supplemented or not with biotin, allocated in 12 groups of
20 animals, was assessed for a period of six months. The study was conducted during three years and the groups were divided
according to the forage available, corn, corn residue and sorghum silage, and initial weights between 100 and 200 kg and between
200 and 300 kg. The statistical analyses used were the Tukey’s Test, in triple factorial scheme (type of silage x use of biotin x initial
body weight) and the Fisher´s Exact Test, both at 5% significance level. The biotin supplementation in bovines did not influence
weight gain and the incidence of foot diseases, however, when comparing only the type of forage, corn and sorghum silage provided
higher weight gain than silage made of corn residue.


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