Wicked webs: business partner networks and silence

Ana Carla Bon, Sylvia Therezinha Almeida de Moraes, Jorge Ferreira Silva


This study suggests that researches should look beyond the more often visible positive effects of alliances and social networks, to investigate how wicked webs can develop an efficient corrupted system. Bridging social network and alliances’ areas of research, this theoretical review proposes three pillars to understand and prevent corruption: focus in the internal networks of the firm which decide for corruption, the partners networks and how they are connected to the firm, and the mechanism through which social network prevent people from talking about ethical issues, let alone blow the whistle, creating a snowball effect where corruption is acceptable.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.12712/rpca.v13i3.28860


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ISSN 1982-2596

Avaliação Qualis 2015 - B2 - Na área de Administração, Ciências Contábeis e Turismo.