Inovando a partir de uma análise de custo-benefício com base em indicadores de desempenho do Palivizumabe 2019/2020 em uma Unidade Neonatal no município de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro





Innovation process in the health area has promoted changes in management and with a consequential improvement of the cost benefit of patient treatment (Christensen,2009). The use of indicators that come to measure management performance through balanced metrics - balanced scorecard (Kaplan, 1996) has even more contributed to this management with the use of indicators and correlation between them. This research aims to perform a comparative analysis with newborns in international between february and july 2019 and 2020, period of the seasonality of application of palivizumabe, in neonatal unit, using the indicator model. The data collection was performed through the protocol of application of this medication. The objective is to perform comparative analysis in order to identify the relevance of using
the method, reducing material costs and resources, and a significant and effective improvement in the actions developed as, when used and permitting, in the use of the permanent resources of management, taking the feedbacks of the miscellaneous professionals involved, as well as the client, with assertive use, avoiding increased increase in stays and return to the hospital. We can observe that there was a considerable cost reduction and a significant 65% saving on the final value of the product for the company.

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard; Cost-benefit; Neonatal; Palivizumabe.


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