n. 53 (2015): Attitude towards sustainable agriculture of towards sustainable agriculture of future farmers and agronomist generation

This study aims to identify the attitude of the future farmers regarding sustainable agriculture, based on the understanding of sustainable agriculture concept, its current and future importance and the fact that agronomy students will be future managers of rural enterprises, public managers and companies of the sector. The research was conducted with 288 students of agronomy from the best Brazilian universities. Through information analysis obtained from the application of the attitude scale toward sustainable agriculture it was possible to notice that the students associate aspects of this concept to the balance of environment and natural resources, and that through these practices agriculture can have both environmental and economic gains. It is expected that the next farmers generation favorable attitude that was found in this research generate greater implementation of the practices of sustainable agriculture in the long term.

KEYWORDS: future farmers, sustainable agriculture, agronomist, Brazil, agriculture.

Publicado: 2016-03-09