Les cadres de l’expérience vidéoludique et la distribution des ressources attentionnelles dans les jeux de rôle en ligne : une alternative à la notion d’immersion


  • Christophe Duret Université de Sherbrooke




game studies, immersion, online role-playing games


The term immersion, when applied to RPGs and video games, refers to phenomena that sometimes pertain to perception, sometimes psychology. It means a sensation experienced by the player in their relationship with the diegesis of the game, with the stories generated when interacting with the game itself or with their character. Immersion therefore appears to be a concept whose usefulness for game studies seems to be compromised by the multiplicity of phenomena it covers. We therefore propose to, on the one hand uncover the different meanings of immersion through a review of the literature, and on the other hand, to offer an alternative to this notion by proposing an explanatory model which subsumes the phenomena to which it refers in conjunction with the concepts of attentional resource distribution and the framing of the videoludic experience.


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Biografia do Autor

Christophe Duret, Université de Sherbrooke

Doctorant en lettres françaises à l'Université de Sherbrooke