Creative Dialogues Between University of Nicosia Fine Art Students and Strovolos III Residents: A Displaced Housing Estate in Nicosia, Cyprus


  • Evanthia Tselika Universidade de Nicósia, Chipre



Strovolos III, socially placed art, refugee state housing Cyprus, University of Nicosia Fine Art program, public and socially engaged art course


This text concentrates on creative dialogues shaped by fine art students together with elderly residents from Strovolos III, displaced housing estate in Nicosia. Such neighbourhood became the classroom for the module Public Art and Socially Engaged Practices of the Fine Art program of the Uni-versity of Nicosia in the academic year 2017-2018 in collaboration with Artos Foundation. Students collaborated with the residents of Strovolos III to shape a series of creative mappings and actions.


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Biografia do Autor

Evanthia Tselika, Universidade de Nicósia, Chipre

Evanthia Tselika é doutora, Professora Assistente e Coordenadora do Programa de Belas Artes da Universidade de Nicósia, Chipre. Sua pesquisa é focada na arte contemporânea, no contexto urbano, na transformação de con-flitos, processos comunitários e práticas artísticas socialmente engajadas.


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Tselika, E. (2019). Creative Dialogues Between University of Nicosia Fine Art Students and Strovolos III Residents: A Displaced Housing Estate in Nicosia, Cyprus. REVISTA POIÉSIS, 20(33), 201-216.