Cartografia do desassossego: um olhar clínico-político para o encontro entre os psicólogos e o campo jurídico


  • Ana Claudia Camuri Universidade Federal Fluminense


Legal Psychology, Production of subjectivities, Criminology Exam, testimony without damage


This research analyzes the forces envolved between the psychology and the law field. We started from a clinical and policy perspective, which uses some writings of Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, Wacquant Espinosa, Lourau, Fernando Pessoa, among others. The work starts with an analysis of implications about the process of doing research and become a researcher. Later, we will think, with Foucault, the conditions and circumstances that allowed the encounter among the psychiatry, criminology, psychoanalysis and psychology, in disciplinary societies, and how these knowledges colonized the judiciary field. Then we discuss how this meeting takes place in the contemporary world, characterized by social control dispositif in which we observed that colonization has become mutual, once also the knowledge and juridical practices colonize psychology and psychoanalysis. The main methodological tools used were: interviews, participant observation and discourse analysis and practices of psychologists and legal professionals. Furthermore, we chose as analyzers, some juridical procedures that include the participation of psychologists, once they denounce the working of this knowledge. We also tried to know the negative effects of this meeting in the lives of these professionals and their disquietude that becomes visible through their struggles for construction of other practices in this Field forward to life and freedom, instead of imprisonment. Ending, we resort to some abolitionist ideas, to think about the possibility of other practices also in the juridical area, because we believe that it´s not possible thinking of another psychology in this field, if we not think about other law.



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Biografia do Autor

Ana Claudia Camuri, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Mestranda em Psicologia na Universidade Federal Fluminense.




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CAMURI, A. C. Cartografia do desassossego: um olhar clínico-político para o encontro entre os psicólogos e o campo jurídico. Fractal: Revista de Psicologia, v. 23, n. 1, p. 235-236, 5 jan. 2011.



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