Coloniality and Democracy

Luciana Ballestrin


The main objective of this article is to undertake a theoretical approximation between post-colonialism and democracy on the basis of the support provided by Theories of the South and Political Theory. Just as post-colonialism is still unable to underpin a post-colonial perspective of democracy, democratic theories are not yet able to support a democratic post-colonial perspective. On the underlying assumption that post-colonial, subaltern and decolonial studies have not been assimilated by political and democratic theories, this article argues that the coexistence of coloniality and democracy against the background of post-colonial societies, gives rise to a set of “missing” issues at the heart of the geopolitics of the “knowledge production theory.”. In particular, it seeks to make the case that the condemnation of coloniality has serious implications that must be taken into account by democratic theory and practice when regarded as diffuse and unsatisfactory in the normative sphere of Contemporary Political Theory.


theories of the South; contemporary political theory; democratic theory; post-colonialism; coloniality.

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