Reviewing Process, Steps and Criteria

The Political Studies Review - PSR is a double blind peer reviewed journal.

For the publication of articles, merit is the criteria adopted and the revewing process is identical for all articles, including those commissioned by the Editorial Committee. The steps of the reviewing process are as follows.

After submission, the articles are submitted to an opinion of relevance (desk review). At this point, the articles' suitability for the Editorial Policy, Scope and Objective of the PSR is assessed. The deadline for the desk review is up to 30 days, counting from the date of submission, after which the authors will receive news about the result of this first stage.

The operating principle of the second stage of manuscript evaluation is double anonymity. Thus, articles approved in the first stage are submitted to two ad hoc referees. A third evaluation may be requested if the opinions conflict. Likewise, the text can be forwarded for evaluation if a conflict of interest on the part of the reviewers is identified. In cases of conflict of interest of any nature (personal, commercial, political, academic or financial) between editors, reviewers and authors, external and impartial members are involved in the evaluation process. The criteria of quality and rigor of arguments, validity of data, timeliness and relevance to your research area, timeliness and adequacy of references guide the evaluations of articles. There are four possible outcomes of the second stage: approved for publication without modifications, approved for publication conditional on modifications, revise and resubmit, and declined. The third result does not bind the PSR to publish the text if there is a resubmission. Likewise, the PSR will not accept resubmissions if the two ad hoc reviewers indicate revising and resubmitting or if one of the reviewers rejects the article and the editorial committee deems the opinion appropriate.

The PSR will send, within an approximate period of six (6) months, a decision letter on the manuscript received, attaching, as appropriate, the appropriate opinions.

Manuscripts to which an approved opinion and a review and resubmission are assigned must be sent to PSR, with the corresponding adjustments, within 90 days of the author being aware of the opinions. Once this period has expired, the manuscripts will be removed from the Editorial Committee's agenda. Articles with an opinion approved for publication subject to modifications must be reviewed and resubmitted within thirty (30) days. The Editorial Committee reserves the possibility of suggesting new changes to the content or form, in order to adapt the article to the editorial or graphic profile of the magazine.

The journal does not accept translations of unpublished articles by the author himself.